Over the years, Tim and the books/projects he has been involved in

have been featured in:




Tim Houston knows business, and the best way to enhance someone’s business, including his own; through old-school networking!!!” — MTR Media – The Morning After – Tim Houston, BNI and Networking (January 28, 2012): Read the full article

“Tim Houston is a brilliant speaker and leading networking authority. He talks the talk AND walks the walk! In this interview you’ll discover more about the mistakes people make with networking….”  The Global Networking Council.   Listen to the full interview

“Networking has a universal appeal so [Tim Houston's] typical audience varies from small business owners and sales-reps to departments and executives from Fortune 500 companies, to directors and workers in non-profits and schools…”  — Shoestringventurecom, (10/16/11). Read the full interview


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