“Tim Houston is one of the World’s BEST Networkers!”

– Ivan R. Misner, Ph.D.

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author, Founder & Chairman of BNI

“Tim Houston is a ‘Powerhouse’ of motivation. Not only is he an incredible motivational speaker, he can jump start your business sales and provide sales solutions that work and are time tested. He is light years ahead of most marketers and delivers honest value. I cannot recommend Tim highly enough and encourage you to contact Tim for your marketing solutions and any speaking engagements.”

– Bud Bergeron, CEO, Banks, Bentley & Cross, Newport Beach, CA

“Tim Houston is a brilliant speaker and leading networking authority. He talks the talk AND walks the walk!”

– Rob Brown, Founder, The Global Networking Council


“You were rated as the top presenter  at our conference! 100% of our [200+] delegates found your talk to be extremely dynamic, interesting and relevant.”

– Diane Taylor-Cummings, PMP, Thomson Reuters, London, UK and New York, NY

“Tim’s energy on stage keeps his audience on the edge of their seats while he delivers a powerful message.”

– Jerry Williamson, President, Teamworx Productions, Huntsville, AL

“Tim always has a positive attitude. Brings a refreshing energy to any situation.”

– Iain Whyte, Author, Coach, Speaker. Big Man Talking, Glendevon, UK


“Tim is definitely drinking the high-octane Java – he is a high energy dude! He is passionate about increasing your bottom line through networking and word-of-mouth referrals. He is a gifted motivational speaker, yet very approachable and personable.”

– Yitz (Bill) Finch, Owner, Eitz Hadar Woodworks, Brooklyn, NY


“Tim is a captivating speaker and a great motivator!”

– David Businelli, RA . 2011 President, AIA New York State

“Tim’s passion comes through in everything he does from presentations to one to one work to his recent book, “The World’s Worst Networker”.

– Christi Olsen Geib, Franchise Owner, The Referral Institute SW Florida.


“Tim Houston is ‘The Czar Of Networking!’”

– Talk650AM, CBS Radio, Houston, TX

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