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The SourceHow often do people ask if you ”know someone who….”?

It happens to me very often because I position myself in their minds as “The Source”.

As I build and deepen relationships through my networking efforts, I always keep in mind to envision and position myself to be a gatekeeper to a world of solution providers and resources.  Once an acceptable confidence level is developed between me and my various networking partners, I let the people within the other, various networks I belong to to know that I can be “The Source” for them should they need the services/products offered by one of my trusted partners.

Here are three easy ways to become “The Source”:

1. Inform your family, friends, clients, prospects, etc., that if they ever need something, they should contact you because you can help them or you know someone who can. The easiest way to position yourself as “The Source” in their minds is to listen to their complaints, challenges, issues, wants, needs and desires. If you have someone in one of your established networks who can help, tell them that you know someone who can “do that” or “get that” for them. Ask them if they want an introduction to that person. They may or may not accept, and that’s ok. They may call or email you at a later time saying “remember you told me you knew a good travel agent? Can you tell me who was that person, because I need a vacation!”

2.  Position yourself to your potential clients as “The Source” as part of your marketing materials, correspondence and advertising. Justify why they should do business with you and tell them that unlike others in your field, you bring value to the relationship by not only providing a service or product the prospect looks for, but also a network of outstanding people in fields that are similarly related and completely unrelated to yours.

3. Spotlight different referral partners in your client communications/solicitations. For example, you may ask one of your trusted partners to write a brief article for your newsletter or blog. You could also get them to write a testimonial about you so that you can to put it on your website, or as part of a marketing piece. (You also do the same thing in return for them).  Be genuine and honest in your testimonial by focusing on how they add value and go “above and beyond” for their clients/customers/patients.

By becoming “The Source” people will naturally want to reciprocate and help you.  It may not result in an immediate referral or contact for you but it will pay dividends in the long-run.

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